DG gives you peace of mind when renting a vacation home by adding a level of transparency to the payment process.


In a typical rental home transaction, you are required to send full payment months in advance for a property you have never seen to someone you’ve never met. Understandably, this situation can cause concern and raise questions like, “Who is this person that I’m sending my money too?” “What if the property doesn’t look like it did on the website? Or even worse, what if it doesn’t even exist?”


This uncomfortable feeling you may get before you book due to the many uncertainties involved in renting a vacation home is what we call “reservation hesitation” and this is what we solve.


With DepositGuard, your payments are released the day after the rental starts so this gives you the opportunity to arrive and verify the property. We give you peace of mind by protecting you from misrepresentation, rental fraud and dubious behavior.