We suggest you have your rental contract handy and when logged into your DepositGuard Account, click on “Create Agreement”. You will answer the following questions - 

· Type of property – Vacation rental or long-term rental

· Your role – renter

· Email address of your landlord in the Agreement

· Property description – e.g. Beach house in Malibu

· Address of the rental property

· Rental start and end date

· If there are one or two payments due for the rental

· The rental payment(s) amount and when it is due

· If there is a security and/or pet deposit, their amount and if they are due with the 1st or 2nd payment

· If there is a 2nd payment due, you will be asked how the then deposited money should be paid out if the 2nd payment is missed. e.g. First payment of $1000 has been deposited and a second payment of $2000 is due however you did not make the payment on time. How much of the $1000 that has been deposited should sent back to you, the renter, and how much is payable to the landlord? This should be consistent with the cancellation policy in the landlord’s rental contract.

The answers to these questions are then populated into the actual DepositGuard Agreement for you to review. At the bottom of this page you need to click on the button next to “I agree to the terms listed above” to electronically sign the Agreement.


The landlord is immediately notified via email. The landlord clicks on the link in the email, logs into their DepositGuard Account and reviews the Agreement you created. If the Landlord finds a mistake on the Agreement, he can decline the agreement and request for you to make a change. Once both you and the landlord have electronically signed, you receive an email to log back in and make the initial payment.